About us

Casiro Resources is a Nigerian based  Information and communication Technology Consulting firm with both local and International affiliations having over fifteen (15) years corporate experience in the business of computing, human capital development and procurement, information systems, assembly and repairs of Computer systems, Web design, Networking and proffering Internet Services, Software development, ICT Solution and Consultancy, Computer sales and services.
Our goal is to render value-added consulting and related services to clients using well-experienced and multi-disciplinary professionals. We assist organizations to set up, design, develop, Implement and secure their Information Technology Polices, Models, Devices and Strategic Manpower Resources.
Our services philosophy is anchored on a vision to provide our clients with cutting-Edge Consulting Services and Continuing Education program (CEP) Training that are innovative, forward-looking and which will enable them solve emerging business problems, thus, equipping organizations and Government agencies with the internal strength to remain competitive, even in the face of extreme dynamics in the emerging millennium.
Through consulting and training, we have provided different firms with Computer and Information technology and related services all over Nigeria.